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Prices of properties in Antibes, Juan-les-Pins and Cap d’Antibes.

by Hanna Genthon on 31 March 2017
Prices of properties in Antibes, Juan-les-Pins and Cap d’Antibes.

Cap d’Antibes

Here you find the most prestigious villas of the wealthiest people in the world; among them there are many of our compatriots – and that’s great!

When talking about the price of a square meter a lot of things must be taken into account (for example: you can pay from 1 000 000 €  for a small house 100m2, with a tiny garden overlooking a huge neighboring fence up to 35 000 000 € for a beautiful villa 500m2 overlooking the sea!)

Realtors joke that prices here have not changed at all for the last 15 years: before it was in french francs, and now it is the same amount, but in euros.

As for the apartments on the Cap d’Antibes (there are very few residences here), the price per square meter in an apartment with a sea view starts from 10 000 euros.

If you are tired of the bustle of people and you want to retire Cap d’Antibes will offer you peace and security …. For a lot of money 😉

Antibes, old town

One of the most English-speaking places of the Côte d’Azur. This is the place where you can find a few individual houses, but rather small 2- 3-storeyed former fishing lodges, which are very often bought by the English or Scandinavians for investment in seasonal rent. The cost per square meter starts from 4,000 euros, if you are not a very demanding buyer, if you do not need a garage and you are ready for repairs;  and can reach easily 5,000 -7,000 euros where everything is “turnkey”.

If you buy an apartment (or a villa) in the heart of the old town, pay attention to the problems with dampness because for this type of construction dampness is a common problem, and to handle it  you will need a significant amount of money: houses are old enough and so are their sewer systems.

Antibes is not only the seashore, but also residential area on the heights of Antibes

There are beautiful villas and excellent residences there. Their price starts from 3 000 € per m2. The disadvantage is the long distance from the sea (it’s quite far away) and form the center of the city where the sea is 😉 but the positive moment is the proximity to the highway, if you work in Monaco, Nice or Sofia Antipolis, and of course the property prices are lower than by the seaside.

Antibes / Juan les Pins

The private sector of Juan les Pins – is a residential area with a very good reputation.

Here you will find an exceptional value for money in proximity to the sea. Price per square meter at this place is from 4,000 euros and up to 7,000 euros, depending on the location and proximity to the sea.

Antibes Le Pan

The residential complex of the years 80s and 90s, where you will find shops, tobacconists, a sports hall and medical offices offers everything that you need to spend a nice holiday on the Cote d’Azur in the company of Russian people!

Behind the residences it is the charming Exflor park children can feed the ducks, watch the fish swimming; here you can have a picnic and have a conversation in Russian!

The price per m2 for the apartments in this residence with a sea-view  (by the way, be extremely careful, because the railway line runs along the seashore!) rises to 7,000 €.


Beaches Ilette,  Ponteil, Salis

In a separate paragraph I’d like to write about the Champs Elysees of Antibes – avenue Albert Premier. There are plenty of residences of the 80s-90s, which are mostly in demand among the elderly population. Avenue Albert 1 leads to the sea and to a very beautiful, sandy beach Salis – to the right, and to the beautiful beach- Ponteil to the left. The closer the sea is, the more expensive is the sq.m. Here the price rises up to 8,000 € per sq.m on the shoreline.

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